USA Schools and Universities

Since 2004, RtD has developed relationships with a number of leading private schools in the USA, in order to provide scholarship opportunities to RtD students.

The USA educational system has a strong tradition of support and opportunity for student-athletes. The combination of soccer talent, academic potential and strength of character found in the RtD students is respected and supported by the schools in the USA – providing a succession of Academy graduates with access a first-class education and development opportunities.

These schools include: Hotchkiss School; Millbrook School; Kent School; Salisbury School; Canterbury School; and Cate School.

RtD graduates have thrived in these renowned educational environments and go on to secure student-athlete scholarships to universities and colleges, such as: Georgetown; Williams College; UCLA; and Boston College.

Crucially, the performance and attitude of our graduates ensure that these scholarship opportunities remain open to the next generation of RtD students, to follow in their footsteps.