Right to Dream Schools


If Africans are to truly compete, and win, on the global stage in football, there needs to be a systematic, comprehensive and long-term approach to the development of the continent’s talented, young footballers.

RtD is building a network of talent development schools, which will create hundreds of scholarship opportunities across West Africa.

In this way, RtD will develop and deepen the region’s pool of intelligent, talented football players, who can in turn have a transformative impact on the development of communities across Africa.

RtD School is a partnership between RtD and a leading private school in each identified location.

Each scholarship student at a RtD School benefits from the same talent development programme as the RtD Academy – football, education and character – with the opportunity to graduate to the RtD Academy or continue their talent development at the RtD School.

The first RtD School opened in Takoradi in September 2015.


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