RtD School Takoradi

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In September 2014, RtD opened the first branch of the RtD School Programme in Takoradi.

We have signed a 10-year Collaboration Agreement with a leading school in Takoradi, St Peter’s International (SPI), who are responsible for the education provision. RtD has designed bespoke football and character development curriculums and a high-quality Football Coach and Programme Coordinator has been employed to run the football programme.

We constructed an astro-pitch at SPI, which provides the Programme with the best playing facility in the area, together with the capacity to run a commercial programme, which will generate revenue to enable the Programme to be 100% self-sustainable, within 24 months.

Following an extensive recruitment process in the Takoradi-Sekondi area – involving football and athletic testing, together with cognitive ability and character assessments of over 1000 children – 12 Scholarships were awarded to 9-10 year old boys and girls to enter a two-year programme, as the first intake.

On completion of the two-year programme, the top performing students – across football, education and character – will graduate to the Right to Dream Academy on scholarship, the remaining students will complete their JHS education on scholarship at SPI. New entrants to the Programme will be recruited to ensure all scholarship places are filled throughout the 10-year Collaboration Agreement.

In September 2015, the first three RtD School students from Takoradi – Collins, Kingsford and Queenster – graduated to the Academy. Four new students were subsequently recruited to begin the RtD School Scholarship Programme.