Nat Bekoe


Nathaniel Bekoe is a 1st Generation RtD graduate who grew up in the mining town of Akwatia, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

He graduated from the Academy in 2008 having secured a scholarship to study at The Hotchkiss School in the USA. After excelling in his studies and on the soccer field, Nat was offered a student-athlete scholarship at Fordham University where he majored in Finance and Economics.

Having graduated in 2014, Nat started work for New York City Football Club, implementing and coordinating their community programs throughout the inner city areas of NYC.

The concept of Giving Back is one that resonates strongly with Nat, who places a lot of importance on role models and creating opportunities for young people to help them fulfil their potential. Something he hopes to do back in his home community in Ghana in the future.

“Coming out of RtD, The Hotchkiss School and Fordham University gives me the potential for being a role model for young people in Ghana.”

“My target is to make the effort to put myself out there in any way possible to help these young people fulfil their potential. I believe there are even more intelligent children out there who need the little push to reach their potential.”