Mohammed Rashid

Tamale-born Rashid, joined Right to Dream in 2004. From the outset, he impressed academy staff with his intelligence on and off the pitch. It provided him with the platform to secure a scholarship to The Hotchkiss School in 2008.

At The Hotchkiss School, Rashid continued to excel at his studies and played an active part in the soccer team.

During his time in the US, Rashid has taken every opportunity to broaden his personal education, including taking part in community arts-based programmes in New York City. His academic potential combined with obvious soccer talent did not go unnoticed, and in 2012 Rashid won a scholarship to the prestigious Williams College in Massachusetts, USA.

Soccer has taken Rashid on a remarkable journey – from Sasaka in Tamale to Williams College – but he was quick to realise that soccer was a only means to an end: “I knew education was key and that I will always need that foundation because I could not play soccer forever.”